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Colorado's Leading Solar company to new home builders is your Smart Home specialist for Solar.

SunTalk helps homeowners lower their electricity bills with solar.   We offer the best solar programs that produce instant monthly savings and with usually zero money down.  Save on your electricity costs from day one. 

That’s it, pay nothing, save money.  It is that simple.

SunTalk is a local, fully licensed and insured solar contractor serving homes and businesses throughout the Denver area and Front Range.  There’s never been a better time to save money, make a solid personal investment, and improve the environment.  Give us a call to schedule your free consultation!

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Xcel Renewable Energy Credits

Those who own solar on their rooftops enjoy monthly payments for 10 years called Renewable Energy Credits that most often return more back than your original net cost.  The 30% federal tax credit also provides a very significant offset of the upfront costs of solar.  And for those who want to look at financing these upfront system costs, we have excellent programs for that as well.   Give us a call or complete our quick form and we will get back to you right away. 





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Supporting Denver, the Nation's first Solar Friendly Community: We applaud the City of Denver as the first community to be awarded Gold status as a Solar Friendly Community.  The program has been designed by COSEIA under a DOE Grant as part of the SunShot program to make solar deployment more affordable and efficient.


US based SunPower has been making solar panels for over 25 years, a fact few other solar panel manufacturers can claim.  They hold over 40 patents on their manufacturing and panel technology giving them over a 25% higher power generating capability than the typical panels installed today.